Welcome Ian Marsh Ceramics

My ceramics are created using extrusions, coils and slabs. Having lived on the edge of a Pennine village for many years, I have been influenced in my forms and glazes by the soft curves of the moors and their ever changing moods and colours, contrasting with the industrial landscape of the valley mills, railway and canals.

More recently I have moved to a cottage a few miles from Porthmadog, just inside the Snowdonia National Park. My studio is in the Vale of Ffestiniog overlooking fields and oak woodlands. It is a very beautiful area and I am hoping to draw inspiration from the surrounding mountains, valleys and slate quarries. I will also look to try local minerals in my glaze compositions.

I am intrigued by the geometric forms produced by an extruder and by the organic movement of the clay from the die. I like to include where possible the curved movement of the form, in the manipulation of the clay structure.

Currently I am exploring the use of texture, slips and glazes on slabs of clay and forming them into vases and wall plaques.

I use grogged clays and fire the pots to stoneware temperatures in a gas or electric kiln. My pots are all functional.

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